Sticking to those New Year's Resolutions

Jan 01, 2023 | Blog

New Year’s Resolutions are often started out with gusto, determination, and the best of intentions. But strangely, we still anticipate our own failure, and we rarely hold ourselves to account for it or get back on track with our resolutions when it happens. So, we thought it would be a good idea to compile some simple tips for sticking to your New Year health & fitness resolutions.

Remember, it’s okay to wobble, but you can do it, you can smash those goals and targets with a realistic plan in place – and we’re here every step of the way. If you have any questions, need any fitness advice, or if there’s anything we can help with – please get in touch. Our team has extensive knowledge and will be happy to lend a hand.


Be very specific about what you want to achieve and make sure you can measure it. If you want to lose weight, do you have a target weight and a time frame in mind? Our complimentary on-site Boditrax system is perfect for this as it allows you to monitor your fitness journey and visualise all your progress. For example, aim to lose half a stone by March? Monitoring this will help to keep your achievements in context, and you’ll know how far you’ve got to go to smash through your target.

Challenge yourself. The MoreFitness App is perfect for this. There are brand new challenges added every month to keep your workouts varied. The app even has a rewards feature which allows you to earn points to spend on-site. This will act as a pick-me-up for when your motivation wanes.

Let’s do MORE. This doesn’t need to be a bold or complicated decision, but things like taking the stairs, parking a bit further away, going for walks, just generally choosing more opportunities to be more active. Whenever you see those moments, these are all easy wins in your health, wellbeing and fitness journey.

Apply a similar mentality to food. Eat more fruit and vegetables, easily done. Add carrots, broccoli, corn, peas to almost any dish you make. All of which you can keep stocked in the freezer if you’re super busy. Make sure your packed lunch always has something fresh with it or check your restaurant order has vegetables involved somewhere or add that side dish. The ‘news’ section of our website has lots of handy recipes for you to enjoy.

Try something NEW! This is so rewarding for your brain and your muscles. There must be something you’ve always wanted to try. Be it group exercise, team sport, swimming or a new hobby, anything – why not try it? What have you got to lose? The success is in the trying itself!

Don’t let your skin and body get thirsty! The cold weather may not make you feel thirsty, but overheated offices, central heating and public transport can all be very dehydrating. And though you may not notice it as much, you are still sweating during exercise in cold weather. Try increasing your water intake by 500ml (the recommended daily amount is 1.5l) per day for a couple of weeks and see how it improves your concentration and energy levels.

Refer a Friend! Working out with a friend will help you stick to your fitness goals – whether that be in the gym or as part of group exercise. Did you know that you get a FREE month with us when you Refer a Friend? Click here to find out more.

New Year's Resolutions are a great way to kickstart or reignite your fitness journey – and we’re here every step of the way. Whether you want to join a class, or just get into the gym casually, we’ve got something on site which will have you smashing those fitness goals. Get in touch with a member of the site team and let’s turn those resolutions into revelations.