Learn to swim through our MORE Swimming Academy

Sep 30, 2022 | Blog

Encouraging children to swim is vitally important for them to have a long, safe and enjoyable connection with the water. Here, at MORE Swimming Academy, our fully qualified swimming instructors teach children to swim through our structured and fun learning pathway. 

From Adult and Baby through to competitive swimming, we’ll be there for them from their first splash, and then every stroke they take thereafter. Regardless of their age or ability, the More Swim Academy will have the skills and patience to ensure that their swimming journey is a positive one going into adulthood.  

Here, we look at the different type of lesson we offer: 


We believe that the first experience of the water and pool environment during a child’s early years should be positive, fun and memorable. These catered sessions are engaging for both the adult and child, helping to form better bonds whilst developing water confidence. (Badges – Swim England Discovery Ducklings 1-4). 


Every child should be given the opportunity to learn to swim and feel like they are comfortable to do so in any situation. From 3-years old, children can join our pre-school scheme without an adult accompanying them in the water. These sessions are aimed at children who are old enough to follow instructions and can move on their own. They give the child more independence and start to build their confidence in the water. (Badges – Swim England Ducklings 1-4) 


As part of our accessibility commitment, our Alpha Stage allows young swimmers with physical or hidden disabilities to join a programme that better suits their requirements and closely caters for their needs. These small group sessions are also aimed at children with special needs and provide the attention required to help with their progress. 


The Swim England Learn to Swim framework is about developing confident and competent swimmers through fun and enjoyment. This is the most widely known part of swimming lessons for children and is the backbone of swimming lessons for primary school aged children. Each of the seven stages of the Learn to Swim framework has a clear set of targets for the pupil to meet so they can get to the next stage. Swimmers also have the opportunity to work towards distance badges in these stages.  

STAGES 8-10 

Developing aquatic skills doesn’t have to stop just because a swimmer has learned to swim. During Learn to Swim Stages 8-10, we offer different types of extra skills, including artistic swimming, rookie lifeguarding, diving, and links to competitive swimming. These stages allow the swimmers to choose a route suited to their skills and can help enhance a lifelong enjoyment of the water.  


If you want to encourage your child to develop at a faster rate during the school holiday period, we provide intensive swimming lesson course which take place each week.  During these courses, children attend every day for 30-minute sessions which helps to develop their skills. 

Swimming is an essential life-skill and teaching both children and adults to be safe in the water is important. Sign up today to our swimming lessons today and build confidence, technique, and a love for water!