Discover the joys of swim teaching with the #LoveSwimming campaign

Apr 16, 2024 | Blog

Today marks the launch of the #LoveSwimming Wave 13 campaign, which aims to highlight the vital community value of swimming teachers.

Swim teachers play an essential role in ensuring people find confidence in the water, learn water safety, and improve their swimming skills, making swim teaching an immensely rewarding career.

Previous Swim England research has shown 96% of swimming teachers in the UK love their job, and love giving back to the community to support children in developing an essential life.

High levels of satisfaction, flexibility and fulfilment make swim teaching a fantastic and rewarding career. The flexible nature of swim teaching makes it an ideal career for anyone of all ages and backgrounds. Ideal for those seeking a full-time commitment or looking to supplement their current job, becoming a swim teacher opens doors to a world of opportunities.

Swim teachers like Sola Alegbe play a key part in ensuring people who learn to swim find confidence in the water - her journey took her from a high-stress job with Transport for London, to finding solace and passion in swim teaching. "Switching from my old job is the best thing that ever happened to me. There's always a smile on my face now.”

“It was in my old job that I became ill, I started swimming for health reasons and that is how I found my love for it. The thing I love most about being a swim teacher now is the fact that I am able to give back and teach a life skill. For me, teaching is everything.”

“Becoming a swimming teacher gives you so much flexibility, you can do it in the evening or the morning and even if you have a job already, you can swim teach alongside it. I would definitely recommend anyone.”

Sola's story highlights the rewarding nature of swim teaching – not just for those learning, but also for the teachers themselves.

Why become a swimming teacher at Sir Jason Kenny Centre?

We run swimming teacher training courses through our Aquatics Training Centre, which are designed to teach trainee swim teachers the skills needed for the job and to gain a fully funded, nationally recognised qualification.

Not only will you gain a valuable life skill, but the course is also a fantastic foundation to a career in leisure. You will be supported in achieving your qualification and on completion you will be able to work as a swim teacher at our centre.

You’ll be part of a close-knit and friendly team, who share a love for the leisure industry and making a positive difference to the community. You’ll also get free/heavily discounted use of all the facilities at the centre!

Swimming pools are the beating hearts of our leisure centres. Our swim teachers have a positive impact on the children and adults learning to swim, helping them to  enhance their fitness and develop a skill that will stay with them for life.

Ready to dip your toe in to find out more?

If you’re interested in a more fulfilling career or are looking to retrain, start your journey today.

Find out more about exciting courses and qualifications as part of our Aquatics Training Centre here or view our latest vacancies on our Careers page located at the bottom of this page.