10 tips to keep moving at home

Nov 12, 2020 | Blog

Did you know, research suggests even small 30 second blasts of activity can boost mood and immunity?  

It sounds so simple but with the winter months closing in, we know that it may not always be easy tfind that motivation to be active.

Staying active has incredible benefits for your body and mind, something that has never been more important to rememberwhich is why we want you to stay safe, stay active and stay strong.  


Look for easy everyday ways to get your energy levels up from the comfort of your own homeHere’s our top 10 tips to keep moving. 

  1. Keep on movin’! Find that time around your day to be active, from making that cuppa through to waiting for the toast to pop upKettles take around four minutes to boil, which gives you four minutes to get moving. Stand safely away from the kettle and do some star jumps, squats or jog on the spot to get your heart rate pumping. 

  2. Enjoying being a couch potato? Set an alarm or alert on your watch or clock to remind you to move every hour. If you have a home virtual assistant, you can always “Ask Alexa” to get you off that sofa! 

  3. Working from home? It doesn’t mean you can’t still commute! Take a walk around the block before you sit at your home desk, or head off on a bike ride when you finish that final email. 

  4. It’s a goal! From our More Fitness App challenges through to our 4 week Tums, Bums and Arms challengescoring a short-term goal, such as through one of our virtual challenges, can really help give you that kick to get out of bed on a frosty morning. 

  5. Step away from the screens! Whether it’s your laptop, phone or binge-watching Netflix, it’s easy to waste away the hours staring at screens. Set that time for getting active, whether it’s a walk, a bike ride, or heading to the park with the kids. Prefer the screen, or the weather putting you off? There are plenty of online virtual workouts to keep you active in your living room. 

  6. Back to the beans! Make the most of whatever’s in your cupboard for some make-shift weights.  

  7. Dance like no one’s watching! Get that radio on, the tunes pumping, and get dancing! 

  8. Step up! If you have access to some stairs, whether that’s in your home, your block of flats, or in your workplace, stairs are a great way to get your blood pumping. Just be careful! 

  9. Buddy up (virtually)! Virtual buddies are great to keep you motivated while you can’t work out together. Why not virtually challenge a friend to reach a goal? 

  10. Wrap up and get outdoors! You may feel cosier at home but wrap up and get outdoors to the park or walk around the block and see how good that fresh air makes you feel. 


More Motivation 

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Stay safe, stay active, stay strong.